Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Pressure cooking... in Paris....

When I was visiting a friend in Paris we would take her two French Poodles for a walk around dinner time. As we walked in her neighborhood in Clamart, besides the smell of food I would hear this "shishing" noise. Wondering what that was, it was the sound of pressure cookers steaming. My girlfriend explained that the French women hate microwave ovens so they use pressure cookers because they have busy lives and don't have time to cook.

Then we would get home and her husband would whip up a delicious dinner in 15 or 20 minutes! Pressure Cooker! Wow! So as soon as I got home I marched off to my local Bed Bath and Beyond and bought one. This is the brand I got: http://www.healthgoods.com/Shopping/Appliances/Fagor_Splendid_Pressure_Cooker.asp

The one I got had two pots one 10qt and a 4qt with one pressure lid and one glass lid. I paid around 69 dollars (I thought a good deal) I find this combination very handy when I want to make more than one dish. I have loved everything I've made and including vegetables. The key to vegetables is not to cook too long. I actually just bring it up to the first "shish" and turn it off pour cold water on the lid and open it.

With meat I usually check every 5 minutes, opening the lid and stirring or turning if it's a roast and judging how long more to cook. A roast cooks up in about 15 minutes and 2 more minutes after I add the vegetables, It has been sort of trial and error. Most of the recipes I found were not exact either, it depends what cut of meat etc. But over all I really like it a lot.

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